Get back under your rock!

I see the slimy serpent of the underworld Mickey Mc Dowell has ventured into the Colombian three debate.
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"The Irish state is based on democratic principles and the rule of law, and will not become a haven for people who are perceived internationally to have breached the rule of law and endangered the lives of others,"

Tell me then Michael, why do you allow America to use Shannon?

There is no perception there, they have blown the shit out of Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqi civilians. Perhaps it is because allowing America to use Shannon suits your politics.

"I think that I and most sensible people in Ireland reject as out of hand that those people were in Colombia to discuss the peace process."

What you or anyone else rejects out of hand is neither here nor there; we both know these boys are not going anywhere. That is what really pisses him off and he knows there is no legal avenue open to him to send these men back to Colombia.

It is enjoying watching the most anti-republican, right-wing politician in the country squirm with absolute hate and frustration.

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