George stirs the pot

Respect MP George Galloway today risked sparking further controversy by referring to insurgents fighting British and American troops in Iraq as "heroic"
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Mr Galloway told the Sunday Herald: "I think the decision the Iraqis have made to resist foreign occupation is a heroic decision. The individual acts carried out by people in the name of resistance may or may not be heroic. Some are undoubtedly heroic.

The storming of a military barracks of a more powerful adversary in a classic guerrilla warfare operation is undoubtedly heroic. The bombing of children taking sweeties from an American soldier is clearly not heroic."

I have an awful lot of repect for George for a varity of reasons

1. He pisses of the British establishment and right wing press no end
2. He has a great line on the North, I heard him call it an "occupation, nothing less!!"
3. As someone who was quite active in the Anti-War movement I found his take on things second to none.
4. I have always enjoed debating and enjoy robust political clashes and he is a master. The way he took on the Americans on capital hill was a joy to watch.
5. Like Martin McGuiness, he doesn't take shit off Paxman!!

I have a few friends in the Trade Union movement who have the utmost respect for him.

He is one of those people

You either love him or loathe him!

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