Finally the debate begins

A campaign urging hundreds of thousands of Protestants and unionists to oppose a United Ireland is to be launched today.
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Amid what the organisers are calling a "crisis point" for the Union, the Love Ulster Campaign is being established as frustration continues to grow at the direction the peace process is taking.

Even though you hear Unionist's articulating the view that the issue of the North is an open and shut case you call tell by their every being that they don't believe that.

The siege mentality races through their every vein, they have a disloyal "minority" that will never accept partition and they are surrounded by an "outside" border of people who have the same view as the disloyal minority. Their great British government doesn't want them and view them as nothing but spongers. The people on the "mainland" see them as Irish, simple as that.

This is what Unionists consider the best option?

Instead of sitting down with Nationalism and Republicanism and finding an agreed formula for a United Ireland they prefer an Ostrich approach. Now if you can only get yourself to believe we won't have a United Ireland you will be doing well.

Time to smell the coffee people!

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