Violence has escalated in the North, after more riots broke out in East Belfast last night, sparking fears of a repeat of the violence in the city in 2002.
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Right now, enough is enough!

"children as young as six are now taking part"

Now someone please tell me what the fuck are their parents doing while their six year olds are out rioting?

Grab a hold of the wee shits and march them back to their beds and a few slaps wouldn't go a miss either. I don't particularly blame the children as they have seen everyone else doing it and then presume it must be ok.

Somebody, anybody has to take leadership on this issue and sort this out. I don't care who started it first. Community reps and political leaders in the area need to sort this out and sort it out fast because you can be damned sure the RUC/PSNI aren't going to do anything about it.

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