An effective Police Service indeed!

I have read with utter disgust that cops did not follow-up calls offering information related to their inquiry into the brutal double rape of a teenager.
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Most people are aware that I do not support RUC/PSNI and here is just one of the many reasons, totally useless!!

Two callers to Radio Ulster said they phoned police with information which they said was not acted upon

The second caller, a taxi driver, said he got information from a passenger in his cab.

"The young fella actually described one of the assailants, he actually named him," he said.

"He told me the area that one of these people were from and gave me a full description. So I immediately came home and rang Woodburn barracks."

He also said he was waiting for the police to call him back

RUC/PSNI are not a police service they are a Police Force and until that changes there can be no new start to policing that we were promised.

Last year in Newry and Mourne 3% of Crime was solved, 3%!!!!!!

If the RUC/PSNI were not continuing on their anti-Republican objective then perhaps they would find time to do their jobs


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