DPP meeting farce

Members of the DPP sub group were forced to pull the plug on a meeting in the loyalist Sandy Row area after only two members turned up. The cancellation prompted Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey to claim the sub group in the south of the city had descended into farce.
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"Reports of such meetings across the six counties indicate that they are normally only attended by a mixture of PSNI members and local political appointments," the South Belfast MLA said.

They are a farce and will always be while the policing structure remains the way it is.

They tried to hold a DPP meeting in Forkhill, for purely political means of course.

The residents objected and went around every house in Forkhill with a petition demanding that the DPP stay away from Forkhill. Now that village, for anyone who knows it, is hardly a bastion of Republicanism.

97% of people signed the petition

The RUC/PSNI are an unacceptable police force, period!

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