Collusion inquiry call

Demands are mounting for an independent international inquiry into state killings and collusion-related murders in the North
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Leontia McAuley, a sister of 1992 Ulster Defence Association murder victim Philomena Hanna, said last night that an independent inquiry into all killings must take place.

Having a few close friends who are victims of State Collusion with Unionist death squads I understand the need the families have for truth as part of their grieving process.

I am not calling on just the British to come clean but Republicans as well. The IRA caused a lot of hurt and they need to help the families of their victims. It is not a concession to do this but basic human decency.

Republicans have been to the forefront of this call and I hope it happens because only after this can we move on.

The families are not calling for revenge, just the truth!!

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