Begrudgers Fail!

I see the non- annual discussion has developed on slugger on the subject of whether A Level exams are getting easier. To me, this entire arguement smacks of begrudgery. Yes, there are more people passing, but I think this has a lot more to do with the modular system of As and A2 Levels which allow a student more opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. While the pass rate may seem exceptionally high, we must remember that well an E grade is officially a pass, in reality it is worth next to nothing. As the grades go up, so do the requirements for the Univeristy courses. This is the true measure of passing or failing and there are no more people than before getting into the most prestigious courses. For example, the grades required to do Law at Queens have become higher and higher in recent years. To me the arguemnt about higher grades has become something of a red herring. 3 Es may be a 100% pass rate but its very unlikely to get a student into univeristy which is what the vast majority of people did A Levels for. The quote about "Lies, damned lies and statistic" springs to mind. In any case, fair play to all those who did well on Thursday and don't let anything spoil your success!

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