Bankrupt Unionism

Any moral currency the Unionist family thought they had has surely been washed away in a sea of paint and petrol bombs as the current pogroms against the Catholic people of North Antrim continues.
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Interesting that Unionists and the "cultural" Orange Order could rub shoulders and back slap with Unionist death squads to launch the ridiculous "love Ulster" campaign but when they are asked to sort out the sectarian attacks against Catholics all we hear is a muted condemnation.

The bankruptcy that encapsulates political Unionism has to be expected, their entire outlook is negative, sectarian and outdated. What gets my goat is their delusional moral high ground. Political Unionism has courted death squads for years, be they "legitimate" death squads or illegal ones. They then have the cheek to call themselves democrats!!

Spell bounding

I honestly seek accommodation with Unionists but I fear the siege mentality of "Not an Inch" and "No Surrender" will always be the order of the day.

I wait to see will they grasp the nettle

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