Anti-poverty group seeks standardised school uniforms

Reports this morning said the agency believed making these uniforms readily available at major retail outlets would reduce back-to-school expenses for parents on low incomes
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I don't know if this is the correct option but something needs to be done, and done fast!

Working class families are constantly feeling the pinch.

I remember being at school were we had a discussion over the uniform, we had blazers and jumpers. We were not too bad as our Blazer only cost about £27, even then it can be hard for certain families. My other brothers blazers however cost over £50 each.

Then you move on to shoes and if you don't have POD or Kickers you were basically a tramp. It didn't bother me as I would have bought the Jonesborough market variety just to be different.

Peer pressure is very hard especially if you came from the background I did, working-class in a Grammar school with a lot or middle-class in it. It never bothered me but I know of boys it did bother.

The government needs to step in and make adequate recourses available for working-class families.

The working-class are always getting shit on, well it needs to stop.

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