Another example of RUC/PSNI Incompetence

Police have issued fire-resistant blankets and smoke alarms to Catholic families in a County Antrim village following fears about petrol bombings.
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A PSNI spokesman said the action was "unprecedented". However, it was taken after fresh intelligence suggested more attacks on Catholics were imminent

Is it just me who finds this strange?

At Ardyone, as Pat pointed out, the cops could assemble over 500 and british army as well but they can't carry out their civic duty!

Instead of arresting those responsible they issue blankets!

So that when the Taigs do get burnt out it might not be too bad

SDLP councillor Declan O'Loan said the police action underlined the seriousness of the attacks and the threat to Catholics in Ahoghill.


It just shows their total incompetance and unwillingness to tackle Loyalist violence

O Loan said "The only real form of protection the nationalist people of Ahoghill need is to stop having their lives and livelihoods threatened on an almost daily basis,"

Perhaps Declan you could ask RUC/PSNI brownnoser and party collegue Alex "I'm going to win West-Belfast" Attwood to have a wee word with his friends in the cops and ask why they can't lift the ones responsible, after all they are their mates!

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