And people wonder why I hate the PD's

Tánaiste Mary Harney continued to call yesterday for the three fugitives to give themselves up and she challenged Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams to help locate them.
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"I’ve heard them say they’re not on the run. Those who know where they are, including Mr Adams I’m sure, should cooperate," Ms Harney said.

"The gardaí are using every avenue open to them to establish where these men are, that is my understanding."

"I don’t see why they wouldn’t go to their local garda station."

Because they have nothing to be charged with!!

The Interpol Red arrest warrant only applies to situations where a treaty of extradition exists.

They have not broken any Irish law!!!

Every Legal expert in the Country as well as Civil Liberty groups agrees that these men can not be charged with anything. Any plan for the men to serve their "sentences" in Ireland is also codswallop as the Bill, which isn't even on the books yet , can not be applied retrospectively and this can only be done with a country which has signed up to the European convention.

Given Columbia's long history of Human Rights abuse this is not going to happen.

"Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny welcomed the possibility of the Colombia Three serving their sentence here, but called on Mr Ahern to "confirm his support for the idea" since he appeared to be taking a "softer line" on the issue than Ms Harney."

You better believe Bertie is taking a different line on this. He knows this could blow up in his face big time. Harney and the rest of the PD (WEST-BRIT) posse are going to be challenging Fine Gael for votes, not Fianna Fáil. The sort of people who vote PD and Fine Gael are anti-republican partitionist’s.

Bertie however claims to be the leader of "The Republican Party" and he knows that come the next election he will be in a dogfight with Sinn Féin for several seats including his own constituency of Dublin Central, where Nicky Kehoe is likely to take a Fianna Fáil seat. He knows that were he seen to be pandering to the likes of Fine Gael and the PD's it may damage him electorally.

He is also aware that many Irish people don't believe the Columbian 3 should be in Jail. Many, whether the believe they are guilty or not, don't feel they should have any charge brought against them as they recognise Columbia's long history of Human Rights abuse and quite rightly see their acquittal overturning as political expediency.

He knows that the Irish people will be watching him very closely.

Make no mistake, Bertie's balls are in the vice grip and all sides are wanting to turn the handle.

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