Amhán Na bhFiann

I was just thinking about the national anthem and what will happen to it post-unification.
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I understand that a lot of Unionists have problems with the national anthem. I would be in favour of doing what Russia did after the fall of the USSR by keeping the tune but changing the words.

I also find it discouraging that a lot of people don't know the words to the national anthem. I sometimes sing the words and sometimes stand quitetly, it depends on the venue. If I am at a function I will normally stand quietly but if I am at a Football match I will normally sing it. I remember Peter Canavn saying how when they won the All Ireland they spent a lot of time with some of the players teaching them the words in Irish. He said how it was used to build a bond between the players.

What does everyone else think about the National anthem post-unification. Change the words, keep it the same or a new one all together?

I will however not tolerate some shite like "Ireland's Call"

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