Your having a laugh!!!

Loyalists today greeted the IRA’s statement with suspicion and expressed concern over the motives behind the historic announcement according to Robert de Nero look-alike UDA brigadier Jackie McDonald.
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He said: “How can they say to wee Paddy, on the border with his AK47, who has spent 27 years shooting at soldiers and peelers (police): ’Give us your AK47. You don’t need it any more’?

“How do they say to the real hardliners ’We are getting what we set out to get’? The Green Book (the IRA constitution) said they would never give up an ounce of Semtex or a bullet until we achieve a United Ireland.”

The difference is McDonald that unlike your motley crew of druggie reprobates the IRA is a structured disciplined army and they will follow army commands!!

He said: “If there was any plan in the next number of years for it to happen, to bring about a united Ireland, loyalism and unionism would rebel against it. We would become what the IRA were. We would have to fight against it any way we could.”

I don't think we would expect anything else and if most Unionists were honest they would probably say the same thing as McDonald.

“The hawks (in the IRA) would not have it any other way. The most important thing is that the weapons are not being used.”

That's the thing though Jackie, loyalist weapons are being used!!!!!!!!

The hypocrisy of loyalist’s is spell binding!!

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