Who betrayed who?

As i browsed this morning's Newspapers, I noticed the front page of the News Letter screaming "Betrayed" in reference to the newspaper's disgust at the end of Séan Kelly's internment.

For once I agree with a paper that is increasing losing credibility with its attempts to become ven more hardline than the DUP.

There was a betrayal involved in the Sean Kelly situation. But it was a betrayal of the trust which Republicans had in the process. It was a betrayal of the belief that internment had eneded and it was a betrayal of the British government's commitment to release political prisoners. Yes, I'm sure Séan Kelly's release is part of choreography which will led to a statement from the IRA in the next couple of hours. But since his jailing in the first place was merely a sop to Unionists who doubted Hain's credentials, we should all be grateful that the sorry affair seems to be over.

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