What a bunch of wasters!!

It seems party politics has resumed once more in the 26 counties
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While I expected the IRA statement to be enough for the Irish government, and it has as Brian Cowan has welcomed today’s statement. Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds said today was a historic day.

Then the usual suspects rear their ugly head

McDowell noted that the statement did not disband the IRA and said it remains an unlawful organisation.

That's the way it is Mickey!!

Then the blue shirts came with Richard Bruton saying Fine Gael would also oppose allowing the IRA to organise commemorations of its past atrocities. Mr Bruton added that Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny would be seeking an early meeting with the Taoiseach to establish if any concessions were granted to Sinn Féin by the Government in the run up to this statement.


You mean the RIGHTS of every Irish man and woman to be part of the Irish nation as enshrined in Bunreacht na hEireann.

All these people are trying to outdo themselves in anti-republican rhetoric because they are all the same.

The Irish people have seen this day for what it is, Historic

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