'Wait and see' attitude in South Armagh

"The soldiers are still walking our streets, they're stopping traffic in the roads and they've these spy posts on the hills ... it's now up to the Brits to call it a day."

That was the view yesterday evening of a woman in one of the busiest stores in Crossmaglen, the south Armagh hot-bed of the IRA campaign since 1969.
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Yesterday, one prominent republican activist in Crossmaglen said: "We just hope it will work ? but we will honour the republican code and abide by everything in the IRA statement".

Having spent most of yesterday and a good part of today stuck in doors blogging I haven't really had a chance to get talking to most of the ones in my area.

The ones I have spoken to had a range of emotions from awe to a contemplation. Most were caught by surprise even though most of them knew it was coming.

As the lad from Cross said, Republicans will honour the statement and the code.

The ball is now in the Brits court.

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