Tolerance too much to bear for the PARAs

I'm very dissapointed to learn that a group of intransigent Unionists intend to "protest" against preceived wrong doings on their community at a flashpoint area of Derry City. As the group call themselves PARA, a clear reference to the regiment who murdered 13 nationalists in Derry on Bloody Sunday, there is little doubt as to what type of mindset they are attempting to appeal to. To use such a provocative name in Derry City tells a lot about what these people have to offer community relations. Although there have been minor skirmishes, in general relations with regards to parades in Derry have been an example to other areas in the north. Residents groups and the Royal Black Institution and the Orange Order have been able to get around a table and hammer out a deal. Obviously this sensible approach is too accomodating and neighbourly for some who are determined to fan the flames of sectarian tension in the Madien City. I hope their protest is treated with the contempt it deserves - by simply being ignored.

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