PUP 'has no influence over UVF'

The Progressive Unionist Party has no influence over the UVF, party leader David Ervine has said.

I am inclined to agree with him and that is a scary thought. There may be a loyalist feud at the moment but when that is over they will go back to what they do best, sell drugs and kill Catholics.

Ervine however is a man I have some amount of respect for. Many people, republicans included, may find this hard to believe but I admire his no nonsense approach. I also like the fact that Billy Hutchinson was able to vote for the St Patrick’s day funding last year while the rest of the bigots didn't.

I have only ever voted Sinn Féin and have never transferred to anyone else but if I was going to transfer to a different party the only possibility would be the PUP.

That said I don’t expect the PUP to be around at the next election.

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