Peace dividend promises electoral bounty for SF

An excellant piece in the Irish Examiner from Shaun Connolly
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The piece is summed up well when he says

"And in a telling aside, Gerry Adams said the question now was not whether Fianna Fáil would be prepared to go into coalition with Sinn Féin, but whether Sinn Féin would consider forming a government with Fianna Fáil."

That is the question

I don't forsee Sinn Féin entering a coalition government but allowing Fianna Fáil to form a minority government in exchange for a few items.

That said Eoin O Broin had an excellant piece in An Phoblacht some time ago so who knows?

I would personally prefer a left wing alternative to the failed politics of corruption that has plagued politics in the South for the last 20 years.

It's about time we removed the brown envelope from Irish politics

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