Not everyone is happy

Some Republicans in North Belfast’s Ardyone district did not have the same experience when they heard of the IRA statement.
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All through the district people who look to the IRA to protect them from loyalist terrorists were gripped by anxiety.

"I wouldn`t have given up a single empty shell because this neighbourhood is going to be defenceless," claimed Terry McLarnon.

They were puzzled and frustrated by the decision to get rid of all the guns when loyalists remain fully armed. Widower Jimmy McAley, 50, urged republicans to store their huge arsenal rather than destroy them.

I share their concerns and once the loyalists finish their feud they will go back to what they do best, sell drugs and kill Catholics.

I still think what the IRA did today was the correct path but lets not forget what the IRA said in their statement today.

"The issue of the defence of nationalist and republican communities has been raised with us. There is a responsibility on society to ensure that there is no re-occurrence of the pogroms of 1969 and the early 1970s."

Make no mistake that if what happened in 69 and 70 happened again no republican would sit back and allow it to happen, forget the IRA I am talking about ordinary republicans.

We have a huge responsibility on our shoulders now and the sooner the loyalists are sorted out the better.

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