No comparasion

I see Mr. Blair has rejected calls by Unionists to apoligise for his refusal to equate the IRA's armed campaign with AL Queda

Why should he?! He was right not to equate the two.

It is clear that the IRA are not at all like Al Queda. The IRA's campaign was directed at British occupation in Ireland, not innocent civilans. Yes I accept that many innocent civilans needlessly died during the IRA's campaign but this was never the IRA's primary intention although of course it should never have happened. But there is a fundemental difference between the Republican cause and Islamic fundementalism - the IRA did not want to destroy Britian, all any Republican ever wanted was to end the 800 year old travesty of British rule in Ireland. Al Queda wish to destroy the Western world, the IRA just wanted the Irish part of the world to be run by Irishmen. They should not be compared.

Willie Frazer wishes to place pictures of the bodies of IRA victims and Al Queda victims on his website, along with the caption: "Who is the IRA victim and who is the al-Queda victim, Mr Blair?"

Would it be possible to add a third picture and option? Who is the victim of British state sponsored Loyalist murder?

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