Loyalists at it again

I see the Loyalist paramilitary groups are flexing their muscles once again in the run up to the 12th of July. While I suppose we should be grateful that these lowlifes are targetting each other rather than innocent civilans, its still begs the question as to why all the focus seems to be on the possible forthcoming IRA statament and the IRA guns when the Republican guns are silent while the Loyalist arms continue to murder and intimidate. The UVF and LVF seem on the verge of a bloody fued while brigades of the UDA/UFF are squaring up to each other in broad daylight without a murmur of disapproval from the PSNI. I often walk past that area of Belfast and I'm sure it would be terrifying and very dangerous for any casual bystander who caught caught up in this incident. Some people in authority need to get their priorities straight. Its the people behind these sorts of scenes who need to be in prison- not Sean Kelly

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