Legal Aid system failing, claims advice group

The Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) said the civil legal aid system has been dogged by inadequate funding.

Noeline Blackwell, director general of FLAC, said: “The current structure of civil legal aid is not inclusive. It does not place the needs of the client at the heart of its decision and policy-making.”

I agree 100%

I had to help a family member recently who is going through a very messy separation and found her solicitor treated her with contempt because she was on legal aid. I despise snotty solicitors who think they are above everyone else. Her solicitor was told to start doing what she was told to do by her client otherwise the case would be taken off her. The solicitor told me that it couldn't happen as she was on legal aid. I took much delight in informing my middle-class colleague that it could and would happen if she didn't buck up.

To see her face at being chastised by a Law student from the north was priceless.

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