Joint Authority

Following on from my post on the forthcoming IRA statement I noticed that Maurice Morrow has said the DUP "needs time to trust in SF"

I am not naive and understand that genuine Unionists don't trust Sinn Féin. We have to live with the reality that an awful lot of Nationalists and Republicans including SDLP supporters don't trust the DUP and Unionism in general.

It is because of this catch 22 that stalemate is inevitable. Republicans will not settle for this. It is because of this that I foresee the formalising of the existing relationship in some form of Joint Authority.

That should get the DUP moving on a lot quicker.

LOL, I can't wait to see how the likes of Stalford and David Vance react to that if or perhaps when it occurs.

Will Unionism threaten violence? or are they really "democrats"

I have my suspicions

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