It's good to talk

Sinn Féin is ready to open talks with Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party about a resumption of power-sharing in the North following the “momentous” decision by the IRA to put away its guns.
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“We are quite prepared to speak to them (DUP) tomorrow morning but we will say very, very clearly that we do not accept any preconditions whatsoever on the all-Ireland institutions, the Good Friday institutions, the Assembly being put in place,”

“The only point I would like to make and I would like Ian Paisley to reflect on this. Some years ago he said, and he said it at a press conference and he had a sledgehammer in his hand, and he said that he was going to smash Sinn Féin,”

“Is Sinn Féin smashed? It is not. Any of us can come off with these statements. This is not a day for the hard word. This is a day for time to absorb what has happened. Give Ian Paisley the space to absorb it."

“If Ian Paisley does not engage then the rest of us cannot sit waiting, and hanging about until the DUP comes to terms with the need for equality on this island.”

It seems the swords have been crossed

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