Just a flying visit home as I'm headed off to Dublin tomorrow as the Orange Army meet the Evil Empire in the Ulster final. Hopefully Armagh can rise to the occassion and avenge the 2003 All Ireland final defeat to Tyrone. All that's certain is that for an hour and half I will lose all ability for rational and unbiased thought and speech! (Please no jokes about me never having that ability in the first place!) As the Orange Order face another protest on the hill, perhaps for once they could be allowed a march since the Garvaghy Road is probably deserted as the locals have bigger fish to fry!

On a more sombre note, I was very saddened by the scenes earlier in the week. Like many Irish people I have relations in London. The callousness of the attacks in which innocent civilians going about their days business were targetted in a way as to try to kill as many as possible was shocking. Considering the euphoria of the previous days Olympics announcement, it serves as a reminder as to how cruel life can sometimes be. I hope London go on to host an Olympics in memory of those who have lost their lives.

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