Historic Day

History has been made today when the Republican movement took the bold and courageous step of removing the gun from Irish politics.
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Statement in full

I have looked over my predictions and so far they match events perfectly

The IRA are to be congratulated on this bold move in the face of a loyalist feud.

Our struggle has now changed, the ending of the armed struggle but the struggle continues on and will continue on until we have a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic.

Now that Republicans have acted it is time others did also.

The DUP need to talk to Sinn Féin and restore power sharing and all the North South bodies.

The Brits need to dismantle their war machine in Ireland.

The Irish government need to do what they promised to do and give speaking rights in the Dáil.

Republicans should not feel sad today or deflated, the armed struggle is over but our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

Tiocfaidh ár Lá

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