Harry Potter and the Vaticans rage

No it isn't the title of the last book in the series

It seems that our new pontiff has problems with Harry Potter and the fact that children, and adults, read these fantastic books.

With all the problems in the world and the struggles the Church is having to deal with you would think the Pope would have enough to worry about.

These books are fantastic and the Vatican are seriously out of it if they believe it will lead kids towards witchcraft.

Every child grows up wishing they could do magic, some adults still do.

These books have brought kids away from the moron box and got them interested in reading.

How can this be a bad thing?

I love these books for the same reason that I love Lord of the Rings. These are timeless stories about Good vs. Evil. Not simple evil as the bible tries to portray but complicated evil the way it is in real life. The latest book showed this expertly. It is about picking the right side and going out to do what is right even though all the odds are against you and succeeding because of it.

My English teacher believed I should have been renamed St Jude, the patron Saint of lost causes, after my 7 years in school and my anti-war stance.

Dumbledores greatest lines “you will all face a choice, to do what is right or what is easy"“

“It is not our abilities but our choices that show what we really are”

What is the Churches problem?

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