GAA from a UUP perspective

As regular readers of Balrog probably know, both myself and Chris are avid followers of the GAA.
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Personally I follow my home county up and down the country throughout the year, as well as being an active memeber of my local club. I have always rejected the accusation made by ill formed people that the GAA is somehow a sectarian or anti-British organisation. As I blogged at the time, I opposed the temporary suspension of Rule 42. I do so simply because I believed that it would be the sport I love which would be harmed if other sports were allowed to use our facilities. However leading on from this, it was interesting to see the views of a staunch Unionist on matters GAA. It was encouraging to see how one particular Unionist was willing to rise about the stereotyping which emanates from certain quarters of his community and was willing to attempt to understand the GAA and hopefully eventually go on to support it. It was interesting to read such a take on the GAA and I agree with the author that both the Unionist community and the GAA should meet the challenge to make each acceptable to the other without compromising the integrity of either.

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