Double standards

Well, well, well, The mask has truly slipped

The Parades Commission is set to make a ruling next week on a republican parade in Ballymena which has sparked warnings of violence.

Unionists have warned that if the parade is given the go-ahead there could be "open violence" on the streets.

Around 650 participants are expected to take part in the parade, which has been organised by the William Orr Commemoration Committee in memory of the United Irishman.

The gross hypocrisy of parading has been brought to the forefront with so called "democrats" donning the old red Ulster Resistance berry and threatening violence. The same people have a history of not having the balls to do it themselves. So instead they stoke up hatred and get other people to do their dirty work.

DUP halfwit and homophobe baby doc has said it is designed to "stoke up trouble"

It would seem that as long as you’re a Unionist you are free to march the "Queens highways and byways” but when you're a fenian it's a different story.

Don't you just love hypocrites!!

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