Bombing a Church

I'm disgusted to learn this morning of a petrol bomb attack on the Holy Cross Church. As I pass that area often, it has struck me how isolated the Holy Cross Church could be, sandwiched as it is between Loyalist communities (despite me knowing little about North Belfast the UVF/UYM/UDA/LVF flags make that pretty clear to me, more on my views on that later). Fr. Aidan Troy has been known for his bravery and courage in defending the people of Ardoyne and it seems that the best way to deal with this for some is to sneak about in the dead of night with petrol bombs. Obviously this is an attempt to ratchet up secterian tensions in the area, espicially considering what happened on the 12th July. Calm heads are needed on both sides as it is always the most vunerable in society who suffer in these instances. Secterian attacks cannot be condoned, regardless of which side they emanate from.

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