When the Irish bar became English

Time for a good rant

After visiting the Pantalon (fantastic)and the Collosso (eye opening)

We decided to head to the "Irish Pub" for a drink and to watch the Armagh match.

I got outside it and saw an English flag, no union jack TBTF but an English flag none the less.

That didn't really bother me but I walked in and found an English and French barmaid.


I asked if they would show the Armagh replay and the said "What sport is that?"

I said GAA

The English one said "Base ball?"

Then the red mist desended

When did an Irish bar turn into a place frequented by English larger louts?

One of the customers thought himself funny to refer to me as a "Paddy"

I said nothing sat down and waited on my drink. A few of the lads told me not to worry about it but when the women called me to collect collect the drinks I didn't hear her.

Some Cockney C*** said "He's a Paddy Love, you have to shout here boy!!! pwwww"

As if I was a dog

Dirty bastards

We left before a row broke out but it shows the fall of the Irish Pub on the continent.

It's back to the good old Italian Cafe.

Larger louts!!, don't you just love them

Rant over

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