WARN us against discrimination

In his Irish News Column (transcipted from Newshound), Jim Gibney exposes the NIO over their disgraceful decision to deny the anti-Racist group WARN funding. This funding was retracted due to a row over a weclome pack distributed to ethnic minorities in the West. The NIO seem to have been offended at the suggestion in the package that the PSNI is not supported in West Belfast. Funningly enough however, Sinn Féin, who do not support the PSNI, are overwhemingly the largest party in West Belfast and indeed secured 9 out of 10 seats in two of West belfast's council wards. In reality the package has done nothing other than inform its recepients of the realities of the area they are living in. I think it is pathetic to deny WARN this funding and I wish them well in their fight against racism, which is a scourge on all areas in the north.

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