I feel violated and pissed off by the recent archaic punishment the authorities have tried to force upon me, a TV license!!

Last Thursday I was driving through Mullaghbawn and got stopped at a "Routine traffic checkpoint" AKA "a chance for the Brits (Paras) and RUC/PSNI to harass the locals"

I was stopped by a total prick who thought it would be fun to try and wind me up, things got slightly heated and I told him what I thought of him in no uncertain terms.

His reply was "Once a Provo always a Provo"

The next day I was just about to leave the house to go for a spin with one of the lads and a car pulled up outside the gate. A fellow got out of the car and hurried up the pad but left the engine of his car running. I found this peculiar but opened the door anyway and got the reply "TV License"

******* *******!!!!, I thought

I explained to him that I just got the TV that day, which I had, he looked very nervous and said all I had to do was to fill out this form and they would send me out a license so I signed it and he rushed off speeding down the road.

Do I intend to pay the TV license? Do I heck!!!

Not a mission and to make matters worse I met the same cop on the way to the market on Sunday and he asked if I had any interesting visitors since we last met and asked what kind of TV I had and smiled.

I informed the officer to be careful on the roads in winter during the frost as accidents do happen.

Never mind, long live the fox!!

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