Ulster final re routed.

The GAA tonight have made the decision to switch the Ulster final from Clones to Croke Park for the second year in succession. This has also necessitated a change of date from the 17th July to Sunday 10th.

My main concern at the moment is seeing Armagh get to the final but I can't help but think that the GAA might jumped the gun a little in this case. Although last years final at Croke Park was a huge success with a massive attendance, things could well backfire. While a Tyrone Armagh Ulster final clash would undoubtedly bring a huge attendance to HQ, there is no guarentee that either will be in the final. If, for example, Derry qualify, they have a notoriously small support and a Derry Cavan final could mean the Ulster Council ending up very embarrassed at a poor attendance. There are also going to be although of angry publicans in Co. Monaghan! I don't think there was any need to make the decision so quickly, although hopefully it'll be a huge success and we'll see Armagh avenge their 2003 All Ireland final defeat as they claim another Ulster title at the expense of the Red Hands!

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