The sweet smell of Justice!

In a landmark decision, almost on a par with the release of the Guildford 4 and Nelson Mandela, Francie Bellew, the "Clones One" has had his red card rescinded and is available to line out at full back for Armagh on Sunday against Derry in Casement Park. It is a huge boost to Armagh to have their former All Star available to them as they attempt to take another step towards retaining their Ulster Title. Francie is something of a cult figure amongst the Aremagh fans and we're all delighted to see him back after his completly unjustifiable sending off against Donegal! Hopefully the Orangmen will be inspired to victory in Casement Park on Sunday and march on towards a Croke park date with Cavan or Tyrone.

Forget Linfield v Glentoran matches/riots, forget NI taking their customary hiding whenever a decent European side visits Windsor Park, this is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event in Belfast this year!

Let the cry ring from the rooftops - JUSTICE FOR FRANCIE!

Disclaimer - Francie's availibilty, while hugely inportant, is not really as important as the Guilford 4 or Nelson Mandela!

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