Spot on, Brian

Brian Feeney, in his Irish News column (thanks to Newshound) gives an excellent summation of the role which the Orange Order plays in secterian tension and strife in the north. I might not always agree with Brian but he does tend to have his finger on the pulse as regards events in the north and on this issue he is spot on. He compares Orange marches through Nationalist areas as
equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan marching through Harlem playing Dixie.

He correctly points out that there is a disturbing habit of those in authority caving into the Orangemen even when a sensible compromise semed to have been reached. I can see the Orange Order as nothing nothing that a secterian organisation who are the product of hatred of Catholics. Their agenda is one of trying to assert and maintain supermacy over their Nationlist neighbours and in an era when we are trying to promote equality, this should not be tolerated.

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