Sinn Féin support on the rise

I'm delighted to see that a recent opinion poll conducted in the 26 counties has shown a rise in support for Sinn Féin. Sinn Féin are on 11%, which is up 2% from the previous poll. If this result was replicated in a General Election, Sinn Féin would seem on course to at least double their Dáil representation. This would a truly historic achievement. However since an election could be two years away, things can of course change between now and then, but I am confident that Sinn Féin can build even more support thorughout the Island in the next two years.

The poll also showed an increase in support for the potential anti-Fianna Fáil coalition. Fianna Fáil have lost support and the combined percentage of the government parties is now less than the support for Fine Gael and Labour. Perhaps this loss of support for Fianna Fáil might make one or two in the party reassess their attitude towards Sinn Féin as a potential coalition partner, considering the fact that SF could well hold the balance of power in the next Dáil

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