Same Old Story

I see Unionist councillors on Lisburn City COuncil have decided to continue their attempts to have their council entered into the dictionary as the definition of secterianism and exclusion. Giving the Equality Commission the proverbial two fingers, they have voted to fly the Union flag on Council flagpoles 365 days a year rather than the 17 designated days. It hardly needs mentioning that Nationalists will of course never see their flag on council premises. The blatant bigotry apparent in this council is staggering at times. In addition, the council has decided to once more ignore Sinn Féin's mandate. In 20 years of presence on the council, Sinn Féin have never once held a committee chair, so this decision with regards to flags is hardly surprising. However I hope the Equality Commission deal swiftly with this situation and ensure it cannot be repeated.

My position on flags is very clear and is line with both Sinn Féin and the SDLP. The Good Friday Agreement guarentees equal respect for both the Unionist and Nationalist traditions and so council authorities should fly the symbols of both traditions in tandem on special designated days. In short, both flags or none.

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