Robbed by the rich.

I've often heard people complain about the price of train fares. Many feel that in order to encourage use of public transport, fares should be cheaper. But the prices charge translink charge are nothing comapred to the £45,000 fare Prince Charles was responsible for due to his use of the Royal Train. However I'm sure Charlie isn't too concerned since this gross expenditure is just a drop in the ocean of the £36.7 MILLION that the monarchy cost the taxpayers last year.

Personally I find this waste of money disgusting. Think of all the better ways in which the money could be used. People are crying out for better health services, for more facilities for their children, for play parks and for better facilities in schools. But never mind that, the real priority is to make sure the Royal family don't have to share planes with smelly commoners. Priorities are being mixed up in a major way.

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