Profit before People

As the horror stories of the disgusting, degrading and inhumane treatment which many of our elderly have suffered in Ireland's nursing homes are coming into the public view, no doubt many will be shocked to find that the owner of the Leas Nursing home where a 73 year old woman
developed “gigantic holes” in her body which contained “rotting, smelly flesh”
due to bed sores, made HALF A MILLION EURO in profit last year.

To me, this is typical of the sort of mentality that has developed in "Rip Off Ireland". This damned Celtic Tiger is of benefit mainly to the rich who get richer, while a culture of greed and selfishness develops from which the most vunerable in society suffer. My own grandmother spent many years in a nursing home and due to Alzheimers, she was completly dependent on the staff there, who I must add were extermely professional and caring people. However it sickens me to think of the sort of dehumanising treatment that some other eldery people have been subject to. They deserve better.

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