OK I admit it!

I watch Big Brother!

Some will see this as meaning that I am a pathetic individual with nothing better to do with his time than watch a bunch of wannabe celebrities prance about playing childish games, but hopefully there'll be some recognised the show for what it is - the best soap on TV! The popularity of Big Brother has been lamented by some as being part of a dumbing down of society, but personally I don't see this as being the case. To me, the show is merely entertainment and doesn't take away from the serious issues in the world. On a political note, political advisor Derek is a contestant this year. Derek belongs to a small section of gay, black Tories and although he doesn't seem to be the most popular housemate within the house, I think he is a very interesting character.

Irish involvement in this year's show ended last week with the eviction of White Witch Mary and tonight the generously endowed Leslie beacme the second evictee.

So is any other Balrog reader going to admit to being a fellow BB fan?

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