No Justice for Sean.

I'm not sure how many of you would have watched Crimewatch UK last night, I missed it myself but it featured a reconstruction of one of the many appaling murders during the Troubles. Sean Brown was a 61 year old and was chairman of the Bellaghy football club when he was murdered by the LVF as he locked up the club's grounds. Sean Brown paid the ulimate price for the sport he loved and I know how shocked and appalled the whole GAA community was when he was murdered, espicially those in Co. Derry. The awful details are recorded in the excellent book "How the GAA survived the Troubles."

Nobody has ever been charged with his murder, yet this is hardly a surprise since the Police Ombudsman has produced a damning report on the inital RUC investigation which found that, surprise surprise, the RUC made no real effort to catch Sean's killers. It seems that this is just another episode in the long history of RUC collusion with loyalist paramilitarities. Only when the truth is finally exposed in incidents such as this can nationalists like the people in Bellaghy ever contemplate accepting a Police Service in the north.

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