More than a game?

Best of luck to the Irish soccer team today as they face Israel in a crucial World Cup Qualifier in Lansdowne Road. Having dropped two points in Tel Aviv, ireland need to win this match to go top of their group and put themselves in pole position for qualification for the World Cup finals. Although Ireland have suffered a few injuries and haven't shown wonderful form in recent qualifiers, I still think they can sneak this one. I predict a 2-1 win with Israel to give them a scare.

Of course many may wonder why Israel are even in Ireland's group considering the fact that they are not a European nation. The reason, of course, is the political situation. I am generally of the opinion that sport and politics make poor bedfellows, however there are times when it is impossible to seperate the two. I realise that Israel have a right to play international football and I am sure they will make it difficult for Ireland ont he field of play tonight. However, the Israeli authorities also make it difficult for another national team in many different and more sinister ways.

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