A mere lover's tiff or is it all over?

I see there's trouble in paradise as regards the Fianna Fáil/ Progressive Democrat coalition. It seems some FF backbenchers, probably worried about their own Dáil seats in the next election, have become sick of a PD tail wagging the government dog. This could well be a reaction to the recent poor showing in the polls both government parties suffered. It seems as though we are entering an interesting phase in Irish politics, both north and south. It will be fascinating to see how both FF and the PDs attempt to counter a seemingly bouyant opposition and whether they will be doing this as a united front or if it will be "every man for himself".

PS - For those of you with access to RTE, a very interesting documentary on the life of Charlie Haughey is starting tonight. Haughey was one of the most enigmatic Irish politicians of the 20th century and love him or loath him, few can doubt that major impact he had on Irish politics. I will be very interested to see how he is portrayed in this new series.

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