Let's have a break together!

I'd like to wish our readers in the 26 counties an enjoyable bank holiday weekend and I also hope that Balrogians in the wee 6 enjoyed last weekends bank holiday. However, I'd like to point out that the difference in these dates seems like madness to me. Surely there should be an all Ireland sychronisation of bank holidays. It would be far more convenient for many if the same holidays were taken on both sides of the border. For example bank holidays are an ideal time for sporting events however sports which are organised on an All Ireland basis are hindered from using these dates as not all the people on the island share holidays. The tourist economy could also flourish as bank holidays become an even bigger occasion with more people heading to resorts on the same weekend. Hopefully this situation can be rectified and people on both sides of the border will be looking forward to the same dates in May and August.

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