Is it cos I is black?

Obviously humilated by the way in which attempts to deport Nigerian student Olukunle Elukanlo failed as a result of people power, it seems that those behind deportations in this country are determined to flex their muscles once more and have turned their attention to one of Olukunle's classmates. Personally I feel this is nothing more than a pathetic macho attempt to show these students who is boss, espicially when you consider the thoughtlessness of timing involved since the student is due to begin his Leaving Cert exam this week.

It is my opinion that many people in Ireland have a terrible attitude towards those who have come here looking for a new start to life. Ed Bryne once remarked "Blacks haven't been in Ireland long, but God we've taken to racism like ducks to water."

There is a serious point behind these remarks. There is a disgusting hypocrisy in many of those who complain about the level of immigration. The reality is that those who complain the most bitterly are often the same people who 20 years ago may well have had to emigrate themselves. They should be thankful that currently there is a level of prosperity that enables our young people to stay at home, rather than complaining about other hardworking people.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but I have a feeling that if all thepeople who are seeking asylum in Ireland were replaced by illegal Irish immigrants in other countries, there would be very little change in the population numbers. The only tangible difference would be in the colours of the faces and I'm saddened to say that, to many people, it is this which is their main objection.

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