From Iraq to Cloud Cuckoo Land

In an attempt to flog as many copies of his new book as possible, it seems Colonel Tim Collins has lost his grip on reality and could be endangering lives as a result. The British army officer has been roundly condemned for describing community representatives in Ardoyne as "Provisional IRA to a man." This is a disgraceful allegation which could well endanger the lives of many of those brave people who tried their upmost to resolve the nightmarish situation at Holy Cross Primary School in 2001. Fr Aidan Troy and Martin Morgan, two men who know a lot more about Ardoyne than Mr. COllins, have both registered their disgust for Mr. Collins' comments.

As Fr. Troy rightly points out;
The situation wasn’t about politics or paramilitarism. It was about the rights of children to attend school. Anyone who misses that point has no understanding of Holy Cross.

Shame on Mr. Collins for his remarks. He should know better. The issue of Holy Cross is a murky enough issue without his attempts to blacken the waters even further.

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