EU constitution - Dead or merely sleeping?

I see the latest opinion polls show that most Irish people still want a referendum on the EU consititution despite the No votes in both France and Holland. This consititution has certainly attracted a lot of opposition and has united bloggers as diverse as United Irelander, David Vance and Balrog's own Chris Gaskin in opposition to it. What I find most interesting is that less than 10% of potential voters have a good understanding of the consitution. Certainly if there is to be a referendum it is this figure which must be drastically improved.

Personally I haven't been roused the fervent anti-EU sentiment this constitution has casued in some. I would certainly be open to both sets of arguements on the constitution before deciding how to vote. I realise how good EU membership has been for Ireland and I hope that the new members can gain from the EU the same benefits which Ireland has enjoyed. I think the EU is a good concept, however I do have concerns about its democratic accountabiliy. I think it is important that unless the constitution is declared officially dead that the Irish people, north and south should have a chance to vote democratically on it.

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